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Trapp Fragrances Poured Candles


Founded in Kansas City, Mo., in the early 1990s, Trapp Fragrances was created by interior and floral designer Bob Trapp. As a floriist, Bob Trapp loved to have his olfactory senses stimulated with rich scents.  That's what seperates Trapp Candles from the rest, it's all about the fragrance. 

Each Trapp Fragrance product is guaranteed to fill a room with fragrance within minutes. Trapp is again set apart by its unmatched fragrance quantity and its mission to use only the highest quality fragrances and ingredients. 


- Approximately 50 Hour Burn Time 
- Soy-Paraffin Blend Wax
- Paper/Cotton, Zinc Free Wicks
- Packaged In The Gift-Worthy House Box 

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