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Hirsh Luxury

The Hirsh Luxury brand has been the dream of Mitchel Hirsh since he was a child. In 1960s suburban Chicago, his father owned and operated a chain of health and beauty aid stores. He worked every summer of his youth in his father's stores and quickly developed a "taste" for luxury grooming products. From that point forward, Mitchel Hirsh knew he wanted to create the Hirsh Luxury brand and focus on making the finest quality luxury grooming and skin care products.

Mitchel Hirsh began this endeavor in 2003 with one clear vision: create the finest quality luxury products that are made in the USA.

Every product bearing the Hirsh Luxury mark stays true to this ideal. Ingredients are carefully selected to ensure the finest quality, while products are made in small batches by boutique manufacturers to ensure excellence.

"Providing the world's most discerning consumers with the finest quality luxury shaving and skin care products is an honor" according to Mitchel Hirsh. "I have carefully devised each product to exceed your expectations of what luxury grooming and skin care products should be. Each product bearing the Hirsh Luxury brand represents what I consider to be the best and finest product in its category."

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