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Billy Jealousy Marked IV Life Tattoo Kit

Billy Jealousy Marked IV Life Tattoo Kit

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    Billy Jealousy Marked IV Life Tattoo Care Kit

    Tattoo Wash - 3 fl oz / 88ml
    Is your dragon a little droopy? Your pinup babe looking a little played out? Maybe your skull looks more sorry than scowling? Fear not, ye handsome devil. Billy Jealousy’s Tattoo Wash contains four fearsome cleaners to rid skin of dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells. Cucumber extract helps tattoos retain their color while hydrolyzed oat protein helps skin retain moisture to enhance tattoo vibrancy. Glycolic AHA and papaya extract exfoliate and polish. Good to use following a new tattoo to assist in the healing process. Unleash the wash. Unleash the beast.
    CUCUMBER FRUIT EXTRACT: Helps prevent ink discoloration
    ROSEMARY LEAF OIL: Hydrates and tones for better color
    GLYCOLIC AHA: Exfoliates and encourages cell turnover, increases ink clarity
    PAPAYA AND PINEAPPLE EXTRACTS: Cleanse and exfoliate while protecting skin’s acid mantle barrier
    HYDROLYZED OAT PROTEIN: Moisturizes to improve vibrancy

    Tattoo Lotion - 3 fl oz / 88ml
    Your tattoo is just begging for attention! Know what else it’s begging for, tough guy? Some TLC. But c’mon, not in a wimpy way! Billy Jealousy’s Tattoo Lotion contains essential oils and shea butter to bring out your tat’s color, definition and just a little oomph. Green tea leaf extract delivers powerful antioxidant properties to protect against environmental forces, while grapeseed oil shields against harmful free radicals. Helps your tattoos look clean, colorful and shamelessly cool. Spread some on twice a day. Your skin and tats will be glad you did.
    OLIVE OIL: Moisturizes to improve color and vibrancy
    GREEN TEA LEAF EXTRACT: Protects against ink discoloration
    ROSEMARY LEAF OIL: Hydrates and tones skin for stronger colors
    GRAPESEED OIL: Protects against cellular damage
    SEA BUCKTHORN OIL: Moisturizes and nourishes

    Tattoo Salve - 2 oz / 57g
    “These colors don’t run” is a favorite rallying cry of patriots and flag-wavers everywhere. But shouldn’t it also apply to that new masterpiece so skillfully etched onto your handsome hide? Billy Jealousy’s Tattoo Salve is brimming over with vitamin E, natural olive and lavender oils and other goodies to bring out your tattoo’s color and assist in the healing process. Won’t clog pores and is non-irritating. Gives a whole new meaning to the term “art preservation”! To help heal a new tattoo, apply a thin layer 3 times a day for a week.

    SOYBEAN OIL: Rich in Vitamin E, moisturizes, helps retain tattoo color
    CASTOR SEED OIL: Stimulates collagen production, protects against ink discoloration
    OLIVE OIL: Moisturizes to improve color and clarity
    SUNFLOWER OIL: High in vitamins and fatty acids, helps prevent tattoo discoloration
    LAVENDER OIL: Contains natural antimicrobial properties, assists in preventing infection

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